Located in the heart of Germany and of Europe, Frankfurt is an international hub for finance and trade, in particular thanks to a trade fair and stock exchange that have made the city what it is today. So it was naturally chosen to welcome international experts coming to taste the world’s best wines, beers and spirits.

Frankfurt is also a major centre for business meetings, fairs and exhibitions. Served by airlines from all over the world, Frankfurt’s international airport–one of the largest in Europe–is only a few minutes from one of Germany’s biggest train stations. These excellent transportation facilities make it easy to come to Frankfurt for business meetings or fairs. Conventions, meetings and other events all find suitable venues and a warm welcome in Frankfurt.

The city also has a wealth of sites that pay homage to its 1200 years of history and the major role it has played over the centuries.

The trend-setting city is synonymous with innovation and development. Its urban architecture (and impressive skyline) are amongst the most modern in Europe. Ultra-trendy cafés, young designer brands and the creativity of an entire economic sector are perfect reflections of Frankfurt’s own special atmosphere.

But Frankfurt is also a relaxed, friendly town. Just go to a traditional Alt-sachsenhausen bistro serving Apfelwein (a non-sparkling apple cider), any one of city’s 48 parks, or the banks of the Main River, a vital artery flowing right through the heart of town.

The city is surrounded by major wine-growing regions with great wines: Rheingau, Hessische Bergstrasse and Rheinhessen.

Frankfurt is also a festive town. The Museum Embankment Festival in August and the Christmas market in December, along with many other popular festivals and events, delight Frankfurt’s citizens and visitors throughout the year.